The Evolution of Music

A common sight these years is of a young man or woman walking on the sidewalk with Apple’s iconic white earbuds planted in their ears. If you look at the people in the gym, you will see the white buds there too. Some would be bobbing their heads to the beats, while others would be singing along. Here at, we will look at the revolution of music. How did we get here after centuries of music?

The introduction of the iPod to the world, the revolutionary Walkman and the recent music streaming companies, one thing is clear – music is important! And why not? Music has been around for as long as humans themselves. If we look at every single person, in one way or another, music is important and has always been.
The devices that are in use today to consume music, has helped shape the landscape of technology. Looking back, one may wonder how we got here. To tiny wireless earbuds that can hold your entire playlist from a huge gramophones that only played vinyl once.

It All Started with the Phonograph

Thomas Edison was the man behind the invention of capturing sound in a device. Before this, you could only listen to your favourite song if someone in your family was singing or playing it. Or you went to a concert hall. The phonograph was invented in 1877 and since then, the way we consume music has developed greatly. It has, after all, been an important part of the human race.

Enter Radio!

The radio technology was initially only used for news broadcasting across the world. This technology has been around since the early 20th century, but music was only introduced much later. In the middle of the century, the transistor was invented. We also hosted aTexas Blackjack and an online Bingo show. We quit this a long time ago. In 1947, this was integrated in radios for being small and handy. If compared to the large stationary ones which is connected with the golden age of radio. Later, in the 60s and 70s, billions of these portable radios were built that turned portable music into reality.