The Birth of Electronic Music – The First MP3

The history of MP3 rather starts small. Back in 1982, an electrical engineer named Karlheinz Brandenburg was challenged by his thesis advisor to transmit music over digital phone lines. He as a PhD student, a rather skilled one at that, and took the challenge. The rest is history!

Then came the threat to the music industry. The millions of dollars that singers earned by selling their music albums became a prey to the .mp3 extension. The growing internet took over the world by storm! Thus making the purchase of physical CDs obsolete, and the music industry in a terrible need for change. 

Soon after the release of the iPod, a number of finer versions were introduced by Apple. This was the time that Apple boosted their sales as a company itself. With iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch, the world was taken over with the craze. Other companies tried to beat Apple but none was able to beat the sleek and stylish design of the iPod.

In September 2012, Apple reported that sold over 350 million iPods over the world! Which made them the market leader. Later on, Apple went on to create Siri, the personal assistant, retina display technology, voice control, Bluetooth, voice recording, Wi-Fi connectivity and others. Gradually adding these features to their phones. 

With iPod of course, was introduced the iTunes. It debuted in 2001 known as the easiest and the best way to use a jukebox software. It was the finest of its kind and in 2003, iTunes 4 was introduced. iTunes 4 came with iTunes Music Store, which was Apple’s entry into the music sales business.

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