Walking Around with Music in a Tape

RCA came into play when we talk about changing the future! In 1958, they changed the way music would be listened to at home. RCA introduced the tape cartridge which was a better version of the magnetic tape. Magnetic tape was not a good option to be used at home because reel-to-reel players were not simple for consumers to use. Radios were the usual music providers for homes, but that meant listening to what the radio station played – not what you wanted to hear. 

In 1979, Sony changed the face of the music industry by introducing the Walkman! Then came the option of having your own personal music with you at all times. Introducing the tiny portable stereo tape player was what the world needed just then. The name itself, The Walkman, is an icon in itself. It has been used in many devices. It is still in use today. 

Digital Age of Compact Discs

Digital recording was already up and running late in the 1960s. The introduction of compact discs (CDs) was in the early 1980s. It then went on to become a symbol of music. 1980s is also known as the era of pop music with iconic pop singers making history with their music. Soon came the MiniDisc, having some advantages over the standard CDs but it suffered from poor timing. The solid state revolution make them obsolete too soon. Sony soon had to shut down the MiniDisc Walkman players in 2011. They killed the entire medium soon. The diehard fans of the Walkman still defend it and miss it. It was after all an icon of the music industry. 

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