What Does the Future Hold for Music?

Like everything else, customization looks like the future. Imagine a machine, where you plug yourself in it and it creates the kind of music you like and enjoy! More like procedural generation like the one being used for video games these days. Procedural music is already being experimented and we are very close to losing the originality and emotions that comes with the artists and their talent.

The advancements in technology are so drastic, that soon even music streaming services will become obsolete. In my opinion, artists will not be appreciated or loved the way they are now. There won’t be crazy fans anymore filling a stadium to stand for hours to listen to their star singer. 


The history of music is as old as humans themselves. It spans a well over 150 years! The history of music, and music performance, is a lot longer, with some philosophers believing that music is one of the defining characteristics that makes humans different from other live creatures that inhabit the earth.

Music has always an important role for humans in communication, design, celebrations and emotions. It not likely to go anywhere, it is part of a language after all. The way human relate to music has advanced with time alongside the human themselves. 

The big changes that have been associated with the consumption of music have been mentioned above. It has also affected the human race in many ways. Your music is yours if you want it to be – or share it with the world or simply share it with a loved one. It is customised, it is easy, it is private and it is public. However you want it, any way you like it! 

How it will look like in the future? Only time can tell. The concept of music being accessible is out of the question now. The only thing sure about music is that it is here to stay – for as long as humans walk the earth. The forms will change. The tunes will change. The way a human heart and mind relate to it will change. The way it will be consumed will change. But NOT listening to music is not going to change.

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